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Matthew Brennan

Eight Points Education & Training is a Florida based training company providing online educational training for firefighter within the state. The classes will receive credit to various certificates to the Florida State Fire College


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Welcome to Private Fire Systems I Online.  This class is design to be accomplished at your own pace. Passing grade will be a 70% overall.  There is nothing in this curriculum designed to trick you so if you have any issues, email or use the discussion tab.  Good Luck! - Matthew Brennan, CEO


After the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to do the following:

1.  Understand fire behavior and its relationship to detection and extinguishment.

2.  Describe the development of codes and their relationship to fire protection.

3.  Identify the water supply components of a fire protection system.

4.  Describe the components and codes relating to standpipes and related hose systems.

5.  Describe the components and codes relating to automatic fire sprinkler systems.

6.  Describe the components and codes relating to specialized water based fire protection systems.

7.  Recognize fire alarm system components and their functions.  

8.  Identify the requirements for various types of alarm and detection systems.

9.  Compare and contrast the components of wet and dry chemical extinguishing systems. 

10. Describe gaseous agent extinguishing systems.

11. Describe the various types of portable extinguishers and their uses and operation.

12. Explain the purpose of smoke control and management systems as it relates to life safety.

13. Describe the relationship between property security, emergency response, and fire protection systems.  

14. Discuss new technologies in the field of protection systems. 

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