Preparatory Math., math 001


mohamad kamal

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عبدالله التركي
mohammad alfohyd


The students are expected: to comprehend the material of this course, to improve their computational skills in basic algebra, and to demonstrate their writing ability in Mathematics with logical steps.

Textbook :

              Algebra and Trigonometry, Fourth Edition; Robert Blitzer; Prentice Hall, 2010.


Grading Policy:

                           Midterm Exams: 30% ;

                           Attendance       : 10% ;

                           Class Work       : 10% ;

                           Final Exam       :40%.


Course Learning Outcome:


               Only Scientific Calculators are allowed in this course. (No Graphing Calculators)


Quizzes and Class work:
               Quizzes will be given at the beginning of some lessons. The quiz covers the materials discussed during the previous lectures and will be similar or picked from the list of suggested homework problems.


Homework and Quizzes will be given during the semester using Matlab.


Exam Schedule

Mid-Exam 1:  

Mid-Exam 2:   

Final Exam:  


Course content

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