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Most industrial control courses commercially available are designed to extract money from student and to impart as little sketchy knowledge as possible, I have searched high and low for good courses but all you will find is either high level academic theory or commercialised 3-5 day courses for £3000 neither of which are any use,

So I am writing my own course, drawing on my own extensive and continued search for high quality learning materials and the NEED whilst encountering in electrical, hydraulic and electronic control problems for PRACTICAL education in the field,

This course is a work in progress, it is open ended and will be directed learning.  Signposting the best articles and content by other providers and organising this complex web in a logical way to meet learning goals.  The aim is not to rip off someone else's course or hard work but to research the best learning materials, then structure learning through directed learning highlighting problems I have found with topics and interpreting real drawings and examples from industry using the skills learned in case studies, with reference to learning topics throughout case studies,

If you join you will be learning alongside me from the ground up, your feedback will be vital and we will build a learning resource for other engineers to use that will save them from the stress of working in jobs which often don't provide adequate training in these fields and will save their companies money, and make you more valuable day by day,

We will start with reading electrical control drawings, make circuits on the table top, learn to program the BeagleBone Black in Linux and deploy our programs to control electronic systems, learn hydraulic principles and trouble shooting, how to effectively test electrical/electronic circuits, how to understand and troubleshoot pneumatic circuits and control systems, how to build test motor control circuits and then how to build and program Programmable Logic Controller components using latest and affordable kit for learning, how to apply to NDT and vibration analysis and start creating our own VA equipment,

This learning resource will never end and will grow as I learn and you learn alongside me,




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