Power Of His Presence Church Discipleship- December 2015


Shoneice Sconyers


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Discovering the power of discipleship, through God's word and application of God's word. Each session will be approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length. 



This course is a comprehensive, integrated study of the biblical meaning and theology of discipleship.  The role of a disciple will be examined in light of Biblical, and Theological perspectives. Attention is given to the concept of disciple-making in general, as well as, introducing lessons that facilitate a journey for creating a disciple-building environment that can be used in our local church.  



1.  Understand discipleship from OT/NT perspectives.

2.  Explore biblical and theological foundation for the disciple’s role.

2.  Help students identify the importance of discipleship.

3.  Help students identify effective patterns of discipleship.

4.  Equip students with tools for effective disciple-making.

5.  Emphasize discipleship in the contemporary church.

6.  Review principles relating to effective discipleship and praxis of discipleship.

7.  Develop one’s Christian discipleship including effectiveness in personal life and ministry through practicing a balanced, biblically-patterned Christian lifestyle.



1.  Once you complete this class you will be able to serve within the church.  (This class is also a serves as a co-hort for those already serving in ministry).

2.  Articulate from a biblical, and theological rationale for understanding the discipleship role in your local church.

3.  Process, for the purpose of integrating into one’s own life, the principles of Christian discipleship as understood through Scripture.

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