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I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. I´ve worked in the English Language Teaching field since 1995. I graduated in TESOL from Trinity College London in 1998 and have since then run Somerset House ELS Uruguay and Panama. In 2001 I did the Postgraduate Methodology Course in London, UK and in 2003 I did the Postgraduate Course in College Teaching by IH, London. I´ve worked in all areas and levels of ELT and I´ve developed several training programs like English for the Military (UN Peacekeeping Missions and PSYOPS), Aviation and Freight and Logistics. I´ve worked as an English Language Coordinator at several schools in Montevideo and as an ESP Teacher at University. In 2007, the Uruguayan Civil Aviation Authority accredited me as a LC Rater under ICAO regulations and since then I have almost exclusively trained and evaluated pilots and ATC. In 2010 I moved to Panama, where I currently live. I´ve worked since then as an Airline consultant, a pilot instructor and a freelance translator.


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Safety is the main concern of those who work in aviation.

The continuous focus on safety that companies have, combined with the latest technological advances, have significantly contributed to making of flying the safest and fastest way to cover long distances in a short time. However, it is also undeniable that the high degree of professionalism that crews have demonstrated has played a relevant role in regarding flying as the safest means of travelling.

Good reasons for improving your English language skills

  • Pilot training is a key factor and English language should be a part of it.
  • The bare management of phraseology has been proved not to be enough for an optimal performance and International aviation organizations have established parameters to measure linguistic competence levels.

Our course:

  • We have developed this course with an aim to providing pilots with those language tools that are necessary to perform effectively at work.
  • This is not a phraseology course, but a course of English for specific purposes which addresses the language from the professional perspective that modern aviation requires.
  • This is a flexible course with a functional and communicative focus which can be adapted to different competence levels. Along its sections, all the four language skills will be covered. Grammar will appear in context which is relevant to the learner so as to foster interest.

In this course you will

  • Optimize your linguistic performance and reach the linguistic competence level required by the relevant government office in accordance with the new ICAO parameters.
  • Assimilate specific vocabulary with its pronunciation and use.
  • Be exposed to the language so as to speed the learning process up.

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