Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia provides leadership for early postgraduate medical education and training in Western Australia, and is primarily funded by the Department of Health. It has delegated responsibility and authority for the accreditation of prevocational medical education and training in Western Australia. For more information visit


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About this module – Why am I doing this?

This is an online training module for PMCWA Accreditation Surveyors.

It is both a training and a reference tool for new and experienced Surveyors.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the accreditation survey; explain how the process works and expand your understanding of each step.

A significant portion of your training as a Surveyor will be as

  • A Trainee participating in surveys and receiving guidance and feedback from the Support and Lead Surveyors on your survey teams.
  • A Support or Lead Surveyor participating in surveys, both giving and receiving feedback from the other members of your survey teams.

This apprentice model is very effective and can be an eye opening experience. Participating in a diverse range of surveys will expose you to different Surveyors and the range of techniques and styles used.

As the number of prevocational doctors increases, the number of Surveyors required to support prevocational medical education is also increasing.

Thank you for taking the time to volunteer as a Surveyor and complete this training.

This module is not a standalone training solution. It should be used in conjunction with the Surveyor Handbook and PMCWA Accreditation Standards Guidelines to help you prepare for surveys and develop as a Surveyor.

Please progress through the sections. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any part of the accreditation process, please contact the PMCWA Secretariat via email ( or phone (08 9222 2125).


Course content

  • PMCWA and prevocational medical education accreditation in WA

  • What/Who is a PMCWA Surveyor? What do Lead, Support and Trainee mean?

  • So What do I Have to Do? PMCWA Accreditation Surveyor Code of Conduct

  • The Basics – Accreditation surveys

  • Are all surveys the same?

  • Who does the survey?

  • How long does a survey take and what actually happens?

  • Example of a Survey Timetable

  • How do I prepare for the Survey?

  • What about interviews? What sort of questions should I ask? Who speaks when?

  • Useful Question Examples

  • The Survey is over…What next? – Surveyor Reports

  • Example Surveyor Report for a Type 3 (Term) Survey

  • More worldly considerations – Travel and Time

  • Recap – Do you remember?

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