Place of Science in the Curriculum


Agnes Dcosta

Dr Agnes D’Costa, M.A (History), M.Sc (Inorganic Chemistry), M.Ed, Ph.D (Edu), SLET, has about 21 years of experience as a teacher-educator and nine years of experience as a high school teacher. She is an Associate Professor at Pushpanjali College of Education, Vasai, Maharashtra. She is the winner of NCERT 2012 Award for ‘Innovative Practices in Teacher Education’ for her research ‘Open Educational Resources in Teacher Education’. She has published three books 'Knowledge and Curriculum' , ‘A Call for Constructivist Classrooms’ and ‘Empowering Leaders’. She is recognized as an expert for evaluation of e-content by Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT. Her contribution to Open Education Resources on wikieducator has won her the Best User Page Expo Award from wikieducator in September 2010. These resources can be accessed from

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Mildred Gonsalves
awesome course with lot of study material to be evaluated
Felicia Nazareth
Enjoyed Learning
Tracy Dsouza
Tracy Dsouza


The course 'Place of Science in the Curriculum' explores how Science is an important subject in the school curriculum. It delves into the nature of Science Education at various levels such as Primary Stage, Secondary stage and Higher Secondary stage . It also looks into issues and challenges faced in the teaching of Science. The course is specially created for First Year B.Ed students of University of Mumbai. The course can be used by any Science teacher to reflect over his/her teaching-learning experiences.  

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