Computer Engineering Department

Computer Engineering Department

On behalf of the Computer Engineering (COE) Department at Qassim Private Colleges, I would like to welcome all respective domestic/international students, current students, and alumni who are visiting this site. The department is a part of College of Computer, which is in Buraydah city in Qassim area. The COE department has a team of highly competent faculty and staff committed to motivating and inspiring students to reach their potential. Faculty are also committed to the continuous improvement of our program to help ensure students success. Our faculties prepare students with academic skills for the professional world and advanced graduate studies. Our Computer Engineering Program, which is accredited by ABET, hands-on experiences and technological innovations in areas such as computer architecture, VLSI, computer network, and soft-core/hard-core system design.

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marwan albusayli
إياد المجماج
ثاني الشمري


  • Credits and contact hours: (4, 6)
  • A continuation of PHYS 101. Topics covered include wave motion and sound; temperature, first and the second law of thermodynamics; kinetic theory of gasses; Coulomb’s law; the electric field; Gauss’ law; electric potential; capacitors and dielectrics; D.C. circuits; the magnetic field; Ampere’s and Faraday’s laws.
  • Prerequisite: PHYS 101

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