Joselito Mendoza

General Chemistry 1

Grade 12 Science Teacher, a teacher III in San Miguel National High School

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This chemistry course is designed to introduce students to the world of chemistry. The principles of chemistry were first identified, studied, and applied by ancient Egyptians in order to extract metal from ores, make alcoholic beverages, glaze pottery, turn fat into soap, and much more. What began as a quest to build better weapons or create potions capable of ensuring everlasting life has since become the foundation of modern science. Take a look around you: chemistry makes up almost everything you touch, see, and feel, from the shampoo you used this morning to the plastic container that holds your lunch. In this course, we will study chemistry from the ground up, learning the basics of the atom and its behavior. We will use this knowledge to understand the chemical properties of matter and the changes and reactions that take place in all types of matter.

Course content

  • LESSON 1: Particulate Nature of Matter

  • LESSON 2: States of Matter

  • LESSON 3: Properties of Matter and Its Changes

  • LESSON 4: Classification of Matter

  • LESSON 5: Methods of Separating Mixtures

  • LESSON 6: Accuracy and Precision

  • LESSON 7: Significant Figures

  • LESSON 8: Scientific Notation

  • LESSON 9: Dimensional Analysis (Conversion of Units)

  • LESSON 10: Temperature Conversion

  • LESSON 11: Density

  • LESSON 12: Dalton's Atomic Theory

  • LESSON 13: Basic Laws of Matter

  • LESSON 14: Atomic Structure

  • LESSON 16: Nomenclature

  • LESSON 17: Mole Concept: Molar Mass

  • LESSON 18: Chemical Reaction

  • LESSON 19: Chemical Equation

  • LESSON 20: Balancing Chemical Equation

  • LESSON 21: Stoichiometry

  • LESSON 22: Limiting Reactant

  • LESSON 23: Percent Yield

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