Ellen Chancey

Science teacher/tutor

I love science! I believe I am doing what God made me to do, and that is to present the science of God's universe to as many students as I can. I can also tutor science, math, english, and history.


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The purpose of this class is to provide a high school level survey course in Physics; and specifically, to give the students a full course of lab experiments and activities to supplement their homeschool studies. This course includes studies in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, heat, light, sound, and nuclear physics.


Class Materials:


·         writing instrument (preferably pencils)


·         3-ring binder (about 2”), pockets a plus


·         All other materials, such as labs, summaries, or tests will be copied for the student by me and 3-hole punched so that they can keep it in their binder.


·         Lab materials are paid for by your semester lab fees and will be provided as the student needs them.


Class Expectations


·         Please encourage your student to be in class on time. We have many labs that take a full class period, so I would not want them to miss out on a single minute of it!


·         There are 16 modules in this book, so a few modules will take 1 week to accomplish to fit the course within the 28-week time frame. In the event of bad weather, I will email necessary materials for your child to complete at home.


·         All reading assignments are to be done at home. The chapters are fairly long, so an average of 6-8 pages per day for 4 days should be sufficient. I will be including a Module Summary each time so that the student can review important terms and concepts.


·         I will be assigning 2 homework assignments per Module. This will take the form of a review questions and practice problems. These will be submitted on Eliademy under the correct headings as a pdf or photo so that I can see the math on their problems. They will receive only half credit if they do not show their work.


·         There will be a test every other week on the lesson completed. Have your child go over their lesson summary before taking the test. All class materials should be put away before taking the test. They will submit their test answers on Eliademy as a pdf or photo so that I can see their work. They will receive only half credit if they do not show their work.


·          The student will have a lab to do every week. A few are take-home labs that they can do using their textbook while others are done during class time. The student is expected to complete the labs and submit them on Eliademy as a pdf or a photo.


·         In the event of illness or absence, the student will not be required to make up a lab; however, they are required to make up review questions, practice problems, and tests.




Course content

  • Module 1: Motion in One Dimension

  • Module 2: One-Dimensional Motion Equations and Free Fall

  • Module 3: Two-Dimensional Vectors

  • Module 4: Motion in Two Dimensions

  • Module 5:

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