Phx Span Box Daily Calibration


Lizzy Morrison


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  • This section specifies the process and procedures for calibrating a monitoring analyzer used for fugitive emissions monitoring programs in compliance with EPA Method 21.


  • Internal compliance with the analyzer calibration policy and procedure will ensure the LDAR program is in compliance with regulatory requirements and EPA Method 21 protocols for analyzers. The internal assessments and quality control checks will identify potential continuous improvement steps for the LDAR program.
  • Analyzers that are not calibrated according to this procedure may not be used in the LDAR program until the analyzer is properly calibrated.
  • This procedure will deal with the actions necessary to calibrate the Phx21. The analyzer selected must be calibrated before use each day according to manufacturer specifications.
    • Use the Superior Refinery Daily Calibration Form.
    • Recordkeeping, quality control, and auditing procedures will apply.

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