Dr. Diana Dodson Lee


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Philosophy of Science is a liberal arts lecture that equips the students with ontological, epistemological and axiological dimensions of  science in the light of the Christian Worldview. It is included in the core knowledge that reflects philosophical presupposition of knowledge about God (the Creator), human self (knowing subject) and the world (nature and society as objects of knowledge). For this purpose it focuses itself on two subject matters. The first is the essence and method of  sciences. The second are the metaphysical, epistemological and axiological perspectives that become problematical in modern science and its development, such as conflict between scientific and religious worldviews, the problem of the  neutrality of science, science and ecological crisis, science and gender, and the images of human being which are presupposed in modern sciences. All subject matters are reflected and commented critically from the perspective of the Christian worldview and the purpose of holistic and transformational education practiced in Pelita Harapan University. 

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