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Stephanie Coulter


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You will start here... You will make your way down the list & go at your OWN pace!! We also have the New Coach Academy Group on Facebook that we will use to discuss, make posts, questions, tips - but this is your guideline and will be something for you to refer back to! I recommened downloading EVERNOTE app & copy & pasting each section so you have them forevaaaa.


Welcome To Fit Vitality New Coach Training! xo!


Welcome and congratulations for joining the best team EVAAA! Your success is very important to me and I’m excited to work with you to help you successfully launch your new coaching business so you can begin to enjoy all the rewards that come from coaching with Team Beachbody.


The Coach Basics program is designed to help you see your first successes as a new Coach. Our objective here is to help you get to your first leadership rank, called Emerald, with the skills and experience you’ll need to continue past that rank. We’ll cover the basics that you’ll use time and again to help other people and see the benefits of a healthy and growing business. We call these the “3 Vital Behaviors” of successful coaching and they are time-tested and proven to help anyone willing to put in the effort to be successful as a Team Beachbody Coach!


During your training, my expectations of you as a new Coach on our Team are super simple. I don’t expect you to know everything and you CAN count on me to help mentor you as you learn how to be an effective Coach.


What I need to count on you for is:

1. Show up: I need you to show up every day for your coaching business. You will learn that consistency is key to your success as a Coach. I know you’re busy, but your business will require some of your time each day. Every day you’ll have assignments to make it simple for you to know what to do.

2. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone: You’re going to learn some new skills and develop some new habits on your way to a successful coaching business. Sometimes, it may not be something you’re used to and trying new things can push you out of your comfort zone. That’s okay! I just need you to trust the process and go for it!

3. Keep it simple: I know you’re new and there are a lot of things coming at you but what you do as a Coach is simple: Connect with people in a sincere way and help them. Remember, it’s a people business and people respond to others who are sincerely interested in helping them. So, keep it simple, focus on people, and let the rest follow.


I am so excited for you to start !! By the end of the program, you will be inspired, have greater confidence, and be well on your way to a very successful and rewarding coaching business!


Let’s go!


Before your training begins, there are a few prerequisites that you’ll need to complete so you’re ready to hit the ground running. These aren’t complex, but they are critical for you to do to be prepared for your Coach Basics training.

1. Complete the Business Quick Start Guide Before the Coach Basics training begins, you’ll want to make sure you’ve reviewed and completed the Business Quick Start Guide. Schedules permitting, it would be a good idea for us to do this together over the phone or a video chat.

2. Create a Contact List Step five in the Business Quick Start. Write down a Contact List of family and friends that you could reach out to and invite to an upcoming Challenge Group that I’ll help run in the next few weeks. It’s important not to prejudge any of these people, which is when you make the decision if they’d be interested or not before speaking with them instead of allowing them to make that choice. We’ll talk about how to reach out to them during our Coach Basics training; for now, just make sure you have the list. To help you remember names, use a Memory Jogger  tool or go through your contacts on social media.

3. Log in to your Coach Online Office and Set up Your Websites Step two in the Business Quick Start. Watch this video to learn how to set up your websites.

4. Install the Coach Mobile App on Your Phone Get a step-by-step on how to do this here:

5. Download and Familiarize Yourself with the Business Activity Tracker Don’t worry about the details of this just yet; it’ll make sense as we get into the training.


WORDS TO KNOW as a new Coach, there are some terms used to describe elements of your business that you’ll want to be familiar with.

*Beachbody Challenge: The Beachbody Challenge is an incredible incentive program with weekly, monthly, and annual cash awards. As your customers get amazing results from using Beachbody products, they submit their “before” and “after” photos to the company for consideration. Everyone who submits their photo gets a free Beachbody T-shirt and there are weekly and monthly cash prizes for the best results, including the annual $100,000 cash award for the best submission of the year.

*Challenge Pack: is a combination of Shakeology (or other nutrition products) and a workout program that are bundled together at a special price. These packs offer a simple starting point for new customers.

*Challenge Group: is comprised of a group of customers committed to completing a specific challenge. Most frequently, a customer buys a Challenge Pack and joins a Challenge Group with other customers who have also purchased a Challenge Pack. The Coach then leads the Challenge Group during the period when customers complete the fitness program from the Challenge Pack.

*Success Club: is Team Beachbody’s main recognition and rewards program. In addition to the incredible commissions you earn as a Coach by helping people, you also earn Success Club points for every person you help get started with a Challenge Pack or on a monthly subscription order of Shakeology (called “Home Direct” or “HD” for short). You earn 2 Success Club points for every person you help with a Challenge Pack and 1 Success Club point for every person you help with a Shakeology HD order. As a Coach, when you have your own HD order of Shakeology and earn at least 5 Success Club points in a month, you’re in Success Club for that month! Successful Coaches make earning their Success Club status a non-negotiable each month in their business. Every month, there are special prizes for every Coach in Success Club as well as incredible recognition opportunities. Set a goal to help 3–5 people each month and get in Success Club! Success Starter When you earn Success Club in each of your first three months, you’re what is called a Success Starter! From a special call with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler (when you earn Success Club in your first month) to a free ticket to our annual Coach Summit (after you’ve earned Success Club in your third month), the Success Starter program is a great goal for every new Coach!

*Leadership Ladder Team Beachbody provides a set of benchmarks for their Coaches to follow that helps create greater stability and profitability from a coaching business. This set of benchmarks is called the “Leadership Ladder.”

Course content

  • Welcome To Fit Vitality Academy

  • Your WHY

  • Build Your Story

  • Social Media Basics

  • Inviting

  • Shakeo Basics

  • Value of a Challenge Pack

  • Effective Inviting

  • Personal Development

  • Handling Objections

  • Follow Up

  • 3 Vital Behaviors

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