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Course Number:  PTN0084    


1. Zachary I. Hanan, Jane M. Durgin

Durgin & Hanan’s Pharmacy Practice for Technicians

5th Edition

2. Computer


Occupational Completion Point:  B

Pharmacy Technician 1 – 360 Hours – SOC Code 29-2052

The Objectives of your course was derived from the Curriculum framework 2015-2016

12.0  Main Idea for each competency: Practice human relation skills.-The student will be able to:

12.01     Explore the meaning and duties of a pharmacy technician.

12.02     Explore the organizational flow of responsibilities within a pharmacy setting.

12.03     Understand the importance of developing and maintaining a professional rapport with co-workers.

12.04     Identify pharmacy organizations and there role in the profession.

12.05     Demonstrate an understanding of Continuing Education (CE) requirements for pharmacy technicians and how to obtain them.

 12.06    Identify the current trends and perspectives in the pharmacy practice.

12.07     Identify the means by which the application of team building can facilitate change within the pharmacy working environment.


Competencies:  Chapter #2   Organizational Structure and Function of the Hospital and Pharmacy Department

1.Explain the primary function of a hospital.

2.List five functions related to patient “processing” activities.

3.Name four treatment services available in a hospital for patient care.

4.Explain the hospital’s role in the promotion of health and wellness.

5.Describe the roles of the hospital’s governing board.

6.List the functions of the director of a pharmacy department.

7.Identify the major diagnostic and treatment units in the hospital. 8

8..List major functions of a pharmacy technician in the hospital pharmacy.


Competencies:  Chapter #5   Community Pharmacy Practice

 9. Define community pharmacy as a branch of ambulatory care.

10.Discuss the knowledge and skills necessary to practice as a pharmacy technician in the community pharmacy setting.

11.Differentiate among available opportunities within community pharmacy.

12.Outline the process of preparing a prescription for dispensing.


Competencies:  Chapter #34   Pharmacy Technician Certification

13. Describe pharmacy technicians’ evolving roles in pharmacy practice.

14. Explain the importance of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) in the protection of public health and safety.

15. Discuss the nature of pharmacy technician regulatory oversight by state boards of pharmacy.

16. Differentiate between the processes of PTCB certification and recertification.

17. Describe the value of National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation to a national certification program.

18. Describe the goals and outcomes of the PTCB C.R.E.S.T. Initiative.



Competencies:  Chapter #12   The Prescription

19. Describe the various parts of a prescription.

20. Identify the required parts of a prescription.

21. Explain various methods for transmitting prescriptions to pharmacies.

22. Compare the methods of transmitting prescriptions or drug order to pharmacies in community settings to that of institutional settings.

23. List roles for the pharmacy technician in handling and interpreting prescriptions.


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