Pharmacy Technician 1 : Identify pharmaceutical abbreviations and terminology as related to pharmacy practice


Mrs. L .Covington Pharmacy Technician Instructor

Pharmacy Technician Instructor


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Course Number:  PTN0084    


1. Zachary I. Hanan, Jane M. Durgin

Durgin & Hanan’s Pharmacy Practice for Technicians

5th Edition

2. Computer


Occupational Completion Point:  B

Pharmacy Technician 1 – 360 Hours – SOC Code 29-2052

13.00  Identify pharmaceutical abbreviations and terminology as related to pharmacy practice--The student will be able to: 

13.01    Utilize pharmaceutical medical terminology.
13.02    Analyze the major symbols and abbreviations used on prescriptions and state the meaning.



Upon completion of this chapter, the reader should be able to:

  1. Identify word element combinations used in medical terminology.
  2. Determine the meaning of common medical terms by evaluating the word elements.
  3. Define common medical terms related to disease states.
  4. Identify common abbreviations and their meanings.
  5. Describe the various components of a prescription.


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