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For protection against rodents, seal off all openings and make use of poison for problem areas. Rodents are another of the most preventable household pests. Their ability to squeeze into extremely small openings makes diligence in searching out possible entry point critical. Walk the exterior perimeter of the house reviewing all protrusions. Often gas, electric, phone/cable piping and vents may have some extra space between them and the siding. Using screening, steel wool or spray foam are easy ways to close off access. Ensure crawlspace vents are in place and if missing, simple wire screening can be shaped as a cage and inserted to block access.

If all home remedies fail, and you cannot get any relief from your pest problem, find a professional pest exterminator. Try to find one that has experience and a good reputation. Professionals like pest control Folsom CA can identify the exact pest problem and location and the most effective ways of treating the problem of pest removal.

Let a professional pest management company handle your pest problems. Letting pest experts handle your issues for you comes with lots of benefits. The experts know what products are best and the techniques that are best for the types of pest you have on your property.

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