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Meghan Gabri

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Austin Delosh
Explained the concepts very well. Website is easy to follow. The assignments are fun and entertaining
Hailey Lanning
Hannah Marcellus
Very good teacher
Carlie Stoner


    This course is designed to prepare you for your life after graduation. Within this course, you will learn personal finance skills and basic life skills to help you be a successful adult.

    You will begin each lesson in class, and will be given twenty calendar days, including the start day, to complete each lesson. After the first initial class, you may complete the remaining parts and requirements of the lesson in school during study halls or free periods. You will also have access to your work at home. On day ten, you will be given formative feedback via email. In order to receive feedback, you need to have some sort of work completed by this day. On day twenty, you will be required to hand in a physical deliverable (something that shows you can do the task). Each lesson will typically begin with an introductory self-assessment quiz, and will end with either a closing quiz OR a physical deliverable that will need to be printed out and completed. The physical deliverable will be placed into a portfolio in the classroom that will be put together throughout the year. The portfolio will be provided to you by the instructor.

    The order of the lessons, along with their start and end dates are located in the chart below.

Lesson Start Date End Date
Managing Time and Money October 6th October 25th
Opening a Bank Account November 3rd November 22nd
Writing a Check and Money Order December 2nd December 21st
Mailing a Check and Money Order February 8th February 27th
Taking Out a Loan March 3rd March 22nd
Buying a Vehicle April 7th April 26th
Composing a Resume May 5th May 24th


    Have fun, and good luck with the course!

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