Priscilla Calvird

MED Equestrian Education Program Manager


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William Woods University offers you the following course for your online professional development.

By the time you have completed this course you will understand what a true online course is composed of and how it is different than a correspondence course. Through out this course we will review William Woods University online tools including Moodle and TK20 and how to use them. We will review online tools that can be used to create a true online course and how to integrate them into your online courses.

Course Goals:

- Recognize the uses of TK20 (DOK1)

- Compare the differences between an online and correspondence course (DOK2)

- Connect new online tools to your online courses (DOK4)

- Create higher level thinking forums and discussions within your course (DOK4)

Course content

  • What makes an online course?

  • TK20: help

  • Moodle: What is available

  • Online Tools: to present content

  • Online Tools: student assignments

  • Online Tools: assessment

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