Priscilla Calvird

MED Equestrian Education Program Manager


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William Woods University offers you the following course for your online professional development.

Essential Question: 

1. How do I make myself a 21st century instructor?

Content Questions: 

1. What is an online course?

2. What are a few online tools I can use to make an online course?

3. How do I take an on-ground course and make it an online course? 

Course Description:  By the time you have completed this course you will understand what a true online course is composed of and how it is different than a correspondence course. Throughout this course we will review William Woods University online tools including Moodle and TK20 and how to use them. We will review online tools that can be used to create a true online course and how to integrate them into your online courses. It will also help you to enhance the current courses you teach in new ways to mee the needs of online students.

Course Objectives:

  1. Recognize the uses of TK20 (DOK1)
  2. Compare the differences between an online and correspondence course (DOK2)
  3. Connect new online tools to your online courses (DOK4)
  4. Create higher level thinking forums and discussions within your course (DOK4)

Minimum System Requirement:

  1. Reliable Internet connection.  Recommendation:  Cable or DSL. 
  2. Software:  MS Office, Internet Browser, Media Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. If you use OpenOffice or Word Perfect products for your paper, please save your document in Rich Text Format:  (File “Save As” Choose “Rich Text Format” as the file type).
  4. Digital Camera with capabilities for documenting work. Some smart phones do have these capabilities.

Class Time Expectations: 
This course consists of eight topics. Each topic contains 4 hours of reading and research and 4 hours of engagement with fellow classmates. That makes this course a 64 hour commitment. 

Course Instructor: 

Priscilla Calvird, program manager at William Woods University 


Course content

  • Topic 1: Correspondence VS Online

  • Topic 2: TK20 Processes

  • Topic 3: Who are online students?

  • Topic 4: Networking and Online Collaboration

  • Topic 5:  Are you meeting ISTE standards for teachers?

  • Topic 6: Online tools for content delivery

  • Topic 7: Online tools for activities/assignments

  • Topic 8: Online tools for assessment

  • Topic 9: FINAL PROJECT; enhancing a course

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