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Networking can be defined as the ability of one device to communicate with another via a communication protocol and medium. The explosion of Internet popularity from the late 1990s until the present day has made manufacturers of hardware and software recognize the need for easy communication. Virtually every new building contains network cable along with electricity and telephone wires. The popularity of different wireless protocols has also made many electronic devices easy to connect with each other.

There are two main types of computer networks. An intranet is an internal network of two or more computers that is used by an organization, such as an office building or school. For the most part, these networks are private and require you to enter a password in order to access the information. An intranet is commonly referred to simply as a network. “Our office network contains twenty computers and two servers.”

An internet is a collection of intranets that communicate with each other. The Internet (with a capital “I”) is a collection of public Web sites. The Internet is the largest internet.

The Internet is mainly used by Web browsers that retrieve Web page information from a server. In this section, we will discuss different types of intranets and peer-to-peer networking (where your computer communicates directly with other computers).

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