Module II: Overcoming Barriers to Parent Involvement


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Teachers Involving Parents Learning Series

In this module, the participant will gain a better understanding of how to overcome barriers to parent involvement. 

Overcoming Barriers to Parent Involvement

Course contains


  A printable interactive study guide

  Multimedia course content

Resources for further study on the topic of parent and family involvement

Optional printable certificate of completion for documentation

Overview of the course syllabus

  • List potential barriers to parent participation
  • Identify common misconceptions regarding parental involvement (or lack thereof)
  • Recognize the role of culture in parent/student/school interactions
  • List strategies to initiate culturally responsive parental involvement



Course content

  • Resource: printable interactive study guide

  • Learning Objectives

  • Video: Parents Do Care - Overcoming Cultural Barriers

  • Notes and Reflection (Part 1)

  • Reading: Culturally Responsive Parental Involvement

  • Notes and Reflection (Part 2)

  • Final Thoughts

  • Further Study

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