Outreach to Schools - Promoting Careers in Construction (Level 1)


Kathryn Lennon Johnson

Built Environment Skills in Schools

Solving the skills gap in construction one employer at a time


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CITB research indicates that only 10% of construction employers engage with schools for careers-related activity (Young Apprentice Scheme review).

So despite the significance of the skills shortage and the impending issues related to Brexit, over 200,000 employers aren't helping to promote construction careers to young people

This course will teach outreach between employers and education as a tangible skill, to be measured, developed, managed and improved

Course attendees will be motivated, informed and empowered to reach out to educators and students. You will have a clear model for outreach, and templates for content, metrics, planning, collaboration, as well as safe online space to practice and develop

Course Details

A 5 week course for individuals within construction to create effective outreach to schools. On registration, participants will receive a course calendar outlining content topics and assignments dates.

This course will be delivered online as video, audio, templates and written material, with new content available on Mondays. During each week, participants will be required to complete the viewing/reading of course material. Links will also be provided to additional open resources. Participants will have access to a Google Hangout to share ideas and provide peer feedback. Assignments will take the form of quizzes, multiple choice assessments, discussion boards, information sourced from the internet and from individual employers, uploaded content

The course will cover:

  • approaching schools and securing opportunities to engage students

  • creating powerful assembly talks and presentations

  • understanding the 'buying' process students go through when considering careers options

  • building your confidence in public speaking abilities

  • adapting your messages for different student learning styles

  • developing content to effectively represent and promote your business/employer/discipline

  • measuring student responses and using these to improve and evolve talks

Course participants will learn more about students currently in education, and the careers messages used by other sectors to attract new recruits. Course participants will have the opportunity to develop, rehearse and present their talks to gain input and feedback from others

This course is ideally suited for construction employers/employees looking to increase their outreach to local education in order to tackle the ongoing skills shortage in construction, and promote careers in the sector.

Academic rigour for this course is provided by University of Wolverhampton, and participants achieving 80% or higher on the course will receive a CPD certificate of completion

Course content

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