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Schoolies State Coordinator - Victoria

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Thanks for signing up to be part of the Red Frogs Victorian schoolies team!

Schoolies culture is a unique environment, as is our role as Red Frogs. It is an environment that will expose you to a range of experiences, some that may challenge you, others that may encourage you. We believe it is a week that will build up your faith and grow you as a person. This training is designed to help prepare you as much as possible for schoolies week.

This online course is Part 1 of your training. We recommend you complete this online component before your in-person training night as it will give you greater context to the content. 

Each topic in this online course is designed to give you the essential knowledge required for being a Red Frog Team Member. Each topic has its own corresponding quiz for you to complete to verify that you've understood the content. Access the quizzes by selecting "tasks" on the menu above.


You are required to 100% for each quiz in order to pass. Don't worry, you have unlimited attempts to get it right, we just want to make sure you're across all the key information before being out in the field. Please don't submit your result if you do not get 100%. Re-try the quiz until you do so, then submit.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this online training component.

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