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Nicolás Velasco
Wayne Beasley
I've just completed the Kennel Buddy online course. It was very educational. Soon I'll complete the on-the-job-training portion of this course. I look forward to becoming a qualified Kennel Buddy at the Willamette Humane Society.
Gabriela Ramirez Galeano
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Welcome to the Kennel Buddy Volunteer Program of Willamette Humane Society course!  We are excited to offer you an online resource for this program.  After reviewing the materials, if you are a Willamette Humane Society volunteer, please go to the Task bar and take the brief Kennel Buddy Volunteer quiz to be submitted to the Volunteer Manager.

To participate, you must also complete all of the Open Paw Volunteers Willamette Humane Society material and be ready to apply information relevant to the Kennel Buddy Volunteer Program.

What is the Kennel Buddy program?

  • A training and enrichment program for shelter dogs.
  • A program that is conducted only within the confines of the kennel.
  • A way for dogs to learn important and fun skills that will make them more adoptable.
  • A way for new and experienced volunteers to provide activities that provide immediate, direct benefits to shelter dogs.

The realities of sheltering without adequate enrichment:

  • High stress environment
  • Dogs are under-exercised
  • Dogs get bored
  • Dogs get depressed
  • Bad behaviors become worse
  • Fearful dogs struggle with the noise and activity levels
  • Most shelter dogs have very little training and/or poor manners
  • Difficult dogs are avoided

The benefits of the Kennel Buddy program:

  • Social interaction
  • Mental stimulation
  • Enjoyable activities
  • Enrichment
  • Skill building
  • Confidence building
  • Impulse control
  • Difficult dogs get help and get better

Sound fun? Sound important? Let's get started!

Course content

  • Kennel Buddy Basics

  • Social Interaction Activities

  • Confidence Building Activities

  • Mental Stimulation Activities

  • Impulse Control Activities

  • Physical Exercise Activities

  • Thank you!

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