Anna Mikkonen

Communications, InnoEvent Tampere 2017

Communications manager at InnoEvent Tampere 2017


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Welcome to InnoEvent Tampere 2017!

Here's where you find info about the cases, your teams and where to return your solutions.


10.11. The teams whose presentations weren't on our sticks on Friday at Finnkino, please send them to!



9.11. Pick out your team motivator and come tell his/her name to info ASAP!


Most of the info on the cases will be published here on Monday 6.11. The basic information can be found on the case tabs. Note the numbering on the cases! You may need them later.

You can find your teammates on the TEAMS tab. What case will you be solving, you ask? We'll let you know on Monday.


You can open a discussion forum under the Discussions tab on the top.



GROUP PHOTOS: post them on the TASKS/TEHTÄVÄT area, name them "TEAM (your team number)" 

PRESENTATION: Check the "Information and instructions for your presentations etc" tab

WEDNESDAY: You can meet the employers on Wednesday and receive feedback on the idea you have right now and get feedback.

On THURSDAY, there's a pitching clinic by Trent Pancy and Markus Kaustell - if you need help with your Final Friday five minute pitch, book a slot for the clinic on Wednesday morning.

Course content

  • 1 Valio

  • 2 Sandvik

  • 3 Pihlajalinna

  • 4 Bright

  • 5 Tampereen kaupunki / Raitiotieohjelma

  • 6 TAYS

  • 7 Restamax

  • 8 Särkänniemi

  • 9 Sähkölaitos

  • 10 SRV

  • 11 Tampere Areena

  • 12 Patria

  • Thursday 9th of November

  • Friday 10th of November

  • Information and instructions for your presentations etc

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