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Pupils who believe that there talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies and input from others are said to have a growth mindset. These children have been shown to achieve more and also put more energy into their learning. This is because they see that their talents are not 'something you are born with' but rather something that can be developed, they worry less about looking smart and see mistakes as something that they can learn from. 

Interventions and studies have proved that we can indeed change a pupils mindset from being fixed to a growth mindset. Here are the outcomes of a study with 7th graders in America after a growth mindset intervention:

So we are going to try our own version of an intervention to improve 'Third Spacers' mindset.


For the rest of the term, we are going to make 6 growth mindset images available in the picture bank. These are the 6 in total:


What needs to be done:

1) All tutors read through the information in this module for all six pictures so they have a clear understanding of the purpose of each picture.

2) During a lesson, a tutor should find good opportunities to share one of the 6 pictures to encourage a growth mindset over the rest of the term. 

The tutor decides when to bring this picture in. It should not be robotic but feel natural...there may be perfect opportunities during a lesson when one of the pictures may fit very well

Some examples:

  • after a pupil has made a mistake - show the 'mistakes are valuable' picture
  • if the pupil has taken a long time to work something out - show the 'deep thinking more important that speed' picture
  • when asking for a real world example - show 'maths is used in daily life' picture if the pupil has come up with a good example
  • if a pupil is struggling and saying that they can't 'get it' - show 'anyone can learn maths' picture
  • etc. etc. etc

These 6 pictures can be treated similarly to the other pictures with regard to how long is spent on them. Please do not turn it into a lecture but try to get the powerful and positive message through.

Let us see if we how well we can change our young pupils' attitudes towards learning :-)

Good luck



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