Osceola County Emergency Management Services for Responders


Annamaria Herrera


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As emergencies continue to get larger and more complex, so does the need for police, fire, EMS, dispatch, and other emergency response agencies to be familiar with systems that are designed to help emergency services.  

The Osceola County Emergency Management Services for Responders training program is designed to provide first responders with a baseline knowledge of the following topics that are essential for effective emergency management interface:
•    Emergency Management Overview (Program, Staff, and Emergency Operations Center)
•    NIMS (Requirements, Compliancy, Incident Command, and Incident Mgt Teams)
•    Emergency Communications (MPSCS-800mhz, VHF, Interoperability, Comm Support Team)
•    Emergency Plans (County Plan, Hazard Annexes, SARA III Haz-Mat, Mitigation Plan, and Planning Teams)
•    Emergency Resources & Assets (Radio Caches, Nixle, IRIS, and other stuff that helps)
•    Citizen Corps Programs (Citizen Emergency Response Teams, FireCorps, Medical Corp, Volunteers In Police Service)
•    Other Special Endeavors (Search & Rescue, etc.)

This course is available as a 4 hour classroom session delivered based on demand and as a self-paced online course here. As a participant in this online course, you will be expected to view the seven modules and related materials and complete the short comprehensive quiz to receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, go to the Osceola County Emergency Management Department website at http://osceolacountyemd.org/

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