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Welcome to your New Hire Orientation. If you have been given access to this site it is because you have successfully completed our screening and hiring process and you have done something that impressed us!


We want to welcome you to the Raising Arizona Preschool (RAP) Team.  This Orientation Training will educate you on policy, procedure, and RAP's philosophy of early childhood education.  This training is self-paced, however needs to be completed within 10 days of hire and will count towards 10 hours of training out of the 18 you annually need to have.  You will find this training interactive and informative. If you need assistance or clarification on any part of this training please talk to your management team, we are here to help you complete this training and become a successful team member.

This training is text based, videos, and self-reflections, with a quiz and essay question for each Module. Please be sure you complete all sections before proceeding to the next Module (so you will complete an essay question and quiz for each module).  Your work will be viewed by a Training Staff member.

Please do not skip videos, they are fantastic learning tools!  We will see if you do not complete the videos and you will have to repeat the module. *Keep an eye out for "easter egg" bonuses hidden throughout the training.  Do not tell anyone when you find them except as instructed. 

We look forward to learning, sharing, growing, and working with you.

Course content

  • Module I- Basic Information

  • Module II- About RAP

  • Module III-Why Preschool is Important

  • Module IV- Learning Environment

  • Module V- Play-Based Learning Continued

  • Module VI- Social-Emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence

  • Module VII- Obstacles to Learning

  • Module VIII- Classroom Community (anti-bullying)

  • Module IX- Reframing Discpline

  • Module X- Professionalism  (personal and professional development)

  • Final Thoughts and Feedback

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