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Nureva™ Troove™

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Administrator Quick Start Course for

Upon completion of this course the school administrator will have the ability to setup and administer the Nureva™ Troove™ digital portfolio software. To get started there are five basic steps to setting up Troove™ software:

1. Create the school year

2. Invite teachers to Troove™ 

3. Create student accounts

4. Create sections (classes) 

5. Invite parents

Please complete the short quiz at the end of the course to receive your certificate of completion

When you have completed these 5 steps faculty and students may begin using the app on the web or tablet. 

Note: Administrator and parent accounts are only available on the web app due to the required feature sets for administration


Troove™  does not host complete courses within its customer support framework. For course hosting and setup we recommend using in conjunction with Troove™  the application which hosts this course you are about to take - ELIADEMY - a free open source application. 


Course content

  • Create a School Year

  • Invite Teachers

  • Create Student Accounts

  • Create a Section

  • Invite Parents

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