Oomph! 'Exercise Leadership in the Community Setting'


Ben Wilkins


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This course is contains the pre-learning necessary for attending the 2-day course for 'Exercise Leadership in the Community Setting'. This course is designed to take between 2-4 hours to complete and will have multiple choice assessments at the end of each module. 

The 4 modules include:


1. The Reasoning Behind Oomph! Sessions

    - An introduction to what happens to the body as we age and the impact of exercise on the body

2. Common Medical Conditions and their Impact on the Mind and Body

    - An overview of common conditions that affect older adults mind and body that need consideration when exercising

3. Screening & Registering New Participants

    - How to use the tools to effectively screen new participants for their suitability to participating in Oomph! exercise and what's          involved in the registration process. 

4. Using the Oomph! Rosta and Oomph! App

    - How to use the Oomph! Rosta and Oomph! App as part of being an exercise leader in all sessions for saftey and tracking      attendance and impact. 



If you have any problems or require any support throughout this online course please get in touch (9am-5pm) with community@oomph-wellness.org or call us on 0203 601 6363


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