Jonetani Nasilasila Jr

My name is Jonetani Nasilasila Jnr, and i am from Fiji. Thank you


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This course will Help you;

Gain a solid foundation in basic two-hand piano skills. Learn music theory, including how to read notes, rhythms, and musical symbols on a staff. After finishing this course, students should be able to teach themselves to play the beginning music they find at the music store.

What You Should Already Know

You must have some interest in music, or you probably would not have signed up for this course. Besides a willingness to learn more, you do not need to have any natural talent or prior knowledge about the piano to take this course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  1. Play notes correctly on the keyboard by reading them on the musical staff.
  2. Play rhythms correctly by reading them on the staff.
  3. Identify and interpret musical symbols in your performances.
  4. Exhibit hand and finger control, which allows you to play with two hands at once, while shifting positions on the keyboard and playing the correct notes and rhythms.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of basic music theory and how theory applies to playing the piano.

This is a beginning course, and the skills outlined by these outcomes will give you the confidence to learn even more and build a solid foundation as a musician. This is a great place to start.

Course Materials

Piano or keyboard

You’re going to need access to a piano or keyboard that you can play almost every day while you are taking this course. An actual piano is preferred.

If you choose to use a keyboard, look for one that has at least five octaves (sixty-one keys, including black and white). A piano has eighty-eight keys, but an electric keyboard that has less keys is acceptable (although not preferable).

Any video recording device that also captures audio

Every unit includes assignments that require you to play the piano. You will need to follow the instructions located here to upload your videos to an online storage site and obtain a sharable link.

In addition to improving the security of the the recitals, videos also allow me to visually spot any problems (or perfection) that you may have.


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