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As L.O.T.B. homeschooling in Milwaukee Wisconsin continue to take off as the premier tuition free homeschooling method and with families throughout Wisconsin.  Many parents who were once use to the hard work of setting up curriculum and learning lessons, are now seeing the light with a much easier way to do homeschooling and get top rated support.  In Wisconsin, homeschooling students are eligible for the Abc's Homeschooling classes for free, provided they are residents in the State.  If you have just moved to Wisconsin, you should still be eligible but will have to check with our administrative office.  Wisconsin is a homeschooling leader and we hope you will take a moment and speak with Kim about how we can help you.

The L.O.T.B. Homeschooling in Wisconsin is open to everyone in Wisconsin interested in homeschooling. Online classes are offered for Pk-12 and we have a great demonstration you can register for by calling Kim.  One thing that we love about our homeschooling parents in Wisconsin, is they want their kids moving forward on their education as much as possible.  The Fall School semesters are getting ready to start and it is a great time to contact our student coordinator with questions or to register.  With our homeschooling in Wisconsin programs the classes and courses offered provide the parents just what they are asking for.  When you click the demo button you will be prompted to answer just 4 basic questions and then a link will emailed to you giving you access to see how our classes for homeschooling K-12 in Wisconsin works.


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