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Price is a subject for European Value Added Tax (VAT). If you live outside of EU, you won't have to pay VAT. If you do live in EU, we will automatically calculate correct amount of VAT based on your billing country.


Direct Exercise

The Online Coaching Company

Direct Exercise Ltd has worked really hard at producing an extensive Online Coaching Workshop. The first of it’s kind in the UK! Our workshop has received an endorsement and professional recognition from Active IQ. To top it off, CIMSPA made Direct Exercise an officially Skills Development Partner. This allows us to award 4 Developmental CIMSPA CPD points to all workshop attendees. The aim of the workshop is to teach fitness professionals how to apply their health and fitness proficiency using media such as web applications and videos to coach face to face and online clients.

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Bobby Knight


We well and truly live in a digital age and most people can’t imagine life without a smartphone. Online coaching is trending on social media and with success stories like Joe Wicks, fitness professionals don’t want to be left behind.

Direct Exercise has recognised this phenomenon and developed a comprehensive online coaching platform specifically for fitness professionals with a Level 2 qualification or above.

We are also very much aware that IT and the online world can be overwhelming for some and therefore we have put together this step by step course.

Learning aims and outcomes

The aim is to teach fitness professionals the right skills in online coaching and how they can apply their current professional knowledge to the online world.

After completing the e-course learners will be able to:

  1. Create online workouts and content for face to face and online clients.
  2. Analyse their clients progress using online tools.
  3. Apply current fitness knowledge and skills to their online profiles and platforms.
  4. Understand the various online applications and be able to use them effectively.


  • Level 2 Fitness instructor qualification or above
  • Smartphone with an HD camera
  • PC
  • Internet connection


Mission statement

There are now more adults in the world classified as obese than underweight, a major study has suggested.(2016)

This problem is considered to be at ‘crisis point’.

'Our mission is to tackle this problem and make the world a healthier and fitter place'.

Exercising has a lot of health benefits and helps prevent a long list of diseases.

So how do we get more people to exercise?

The idea is to create an easy to use and versatile online exercise platform. But instead of using exercise programs that are created automatically by some form of algorithm, we want to focus on the personal touch.

There is no better group of people in the field of health and fitness who motivate, encourage and strive to achieve goals than Fitness Professionals!

The concept is to focus on the fitness professionals and give them the best chance to help and reach more people.

This means to implement tried and tested methods that will allow fitness professionals to grow their business. We also aim to collaborate with Fitness Professionals to keep improving our systems and evolve together always focusing on the main mission of making the world a healthier and fitter place.

The question we ask ourselves in every aspect of what we do is: 

‘Are we helping fitness professionals with their business and is our collaboration making the world a healthier and fitter place’!

We understand that there is more to exercising than the exercise itself and want to make communication between the Fitness Professional and anyone who seeks advice an integral part of the system. Implementing and embracing the human and personal touch.

We give the power to our members and let them be in charge of the quality assurance with our rating and review systems and give people the best chance of improving their health and fitness without any limitations of who can join our community.

Let’s work together and reach our goals!


Introduction to has developed an online exercise and coaching platform which offers two types of memberships.

The Premium Membership

It’s geared towards fitness professionals and offers an array of features to make their lives easier and to extend their business. Here is a list of some of the features:

  • Produce and manage all of your Client’s Programs on the go and in real time
  • Produce and manage all of your Client’s fitness assessments and body composition programs on the go and in real time
  • Choose form hundreds of exercise videos or produce and use your own
  • Have your clients rate you and write public testimonials for you. This will help you gain more clients. Nothing beats word of mouth
  • Be found on our sophisticated directory. It is so sophisticated there is not need for you to invest lots of money to have a website designed.
  • Voice your expertise and write article about your passion. Educate and help your current clients and followers. 

This membership is subscription based and costs £12.50 per month with a free 30 day trial.

The Standard membership

It’s geared towards anyone who is looking to improve their health & fitness. All of the workouts and articles are posted by fitness professionals from all over the world giving the Standard Member a huge choice and puts them in safe hands.

The integrated messaging service allows them to contact Premium Members for sound advice or even ask them to build a bespoke workout plan.

Our directory system enables the Standard member to rate the Premium Members, their workouts and articles. This takes care of the quality assurance of the site.

The photo dairy is an excellent tool to keep track of the visual changes a member is going through which is great for motivation.

There are plenty more features and Direct Exercise is forever growing and evolving making sure we are on track with our mission.

This is a free membership.

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