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Program Description

The Ottawa Network for Education’s Ottawa Volunteers in Education program (OVIE) provides recruitment, volunteer orientation, and training for Ottawa Carleton District School Board community volunteers. We would like to present to you an online training option, which has been designed to provide you with valuable information you need to have a successful, meaningful, and rewarding volunteer experience.                                                                                                                                           

This training is meant specifically for those interested in supporting English language learners (ELLs) in Ottawa District School Board (OCDSB) schools. Most of the students you will be working with are recent newcomers to Canada, some will have gaps in their learning or not yet developed age-appropriate literacy skills in their first language but due to a variety of factors. Some will be Canadian-born students, who also learning English as an additional language. There some students from Metis, Inuit or First Nations communities who are attending school in Ottawa. Others are students living in international communities in Ottawa where English is not being spoken at home. Other ELL students include international students attending OCSDB schools.


Training Objectives

Volunteers completing this course will:

1. Become familiar with additional language teaching: definition and basic concepts.

2. Develop an understanding and appreciation for ELLs and how you can help support them in a culturally responsive manner.

3. Gain insight into the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and how to  support ELLs in their learning environments as they develop these language and literacy skills.

4. Learn various skills and strategies for successful support and inclusion of ELLs.

5. Develop skills to help students with their social and emotional learning, such as building relationships, making friends, and learning how school works.

6. Embed theory into practice upon successful completion of the training through a volunteer placement in an OCDSB school or program through OVIE.


Instructions to Navigate the Training Site

To use this course:

  1. Navigate the modules sequentially top to bottom on the Content sections on the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. At the end of each module, there may be a few questions to consider that will help you reflect, review, and solidify the information presented in each module. 
  3. You should then take the short corresponding quiz located directly below the course content section.  

The optional Resources module is a list of references and links that will help you with your volunteer placement.  Some of them are from the modules and others are recommendations.  Please feel free to make any recommendations that you find helpful with your volunteer experience.  

If you have any questions during your training, simply call or email me LScott@onfe-rope.ca 613-366-3085 x253

Good luck and enjoy this new learning experience!


Please proceed to the next module: Every Child Needs A Champion by clicking the tab below right, or on the Content left menu bar. 



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