Asset Quest

We are the largest land acquisition company in SW FL. We manage investment portfolios and buy vacant land throughout Florida and are always expanding.......


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Office Basics

  1. Phone

      • set up voicemail

      • check messages

      • transfer a call

      • 3-way calling

  2. Gmail

    1. Emails

      • Reply all vs Reply

      • Subject Lines

      • Only include pertinent people

      • Using Stars

    2. Contacts

      • Adding Contacts to Groups

      • Group Emails

    3. Creating Email Templates

  3. Google Drive

    1.    Share a file

    2.    Create a new file

    3.    To Upload

    4. Emailing all collaborators of a file

  4. Intranet

    1. Home Page

    2. Company Directory

    3. Announcements

    4. Calendar

    5. The Gold Mine

    6. Learning Center

    7. Video Archive

    8. Evaluation & Resources

    9. FAQ’s

  5. Postage Machine
  6. Browser Bookmarks
  7. How to Use Digium 

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