Joerdis Weilandt

Modern Languages + Higher Education

A plant-loving linguaphile with a travel itch and a great passion for (open) education. When I am not teaching, I am learning.


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This Online Course is used as the online repository for a Workshop at the OER Gathering at Maskwacis Cultural College on December 6th 2016. 



It is a link/ materials repository for the workshop materials as well as hub for the Station 8, which has the goal to introduce to interested workshop participants Eliademy as an OER Online Course Building Tool.


1. Workshop Activity: Welcome/ needs analysis on OER CRS PINGO  Go to Session Key 667024 

2. Access Workshop Repository: Set up account with Eliademy to join Joerdis OER online course (Twitter @JoerdisWeilandt)

3. 2-3 Learning Stations  done in teams according to personal OER interests and needs (use devices and WIFI)

5. Reflection and Feedback on Workshop : Pingo


Course content

  • Learning Centres to Speak to Different Learning Styles and Interests

  • Station 1: Analyze the OER ARSnova Classroom Response tool

  • Station 2: Examine the online OER activity tool builder - LearningApps

  • Station 3: Discuss Video editor/ feedback tool - ED Puzzle for 'flipped instruction'

  • Station 4: Browse major repositories for quality OER

  • Station 5: Analyze the OER directory site - Open Professionals Education Network

  • Station 6: Discuss Answers on Important OER Questions

  • Station 7: Distinguish steps in the modification of an Open Textbook

  • Station 8: Examine the Open Source Online Course Building tool - Eliademy

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