OCR GCSE History B (modern world history) Germany


Gordon Carrothers


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These sessions are for year 10 and 11 Students studying GCSE history under the 2014-2015 spec. Pupils attending this seminar should use this as a revision tool. It isn't to be substituted for other learning.

Lessons in this topic are:

What impact did the Great War have on Germany and it's citizens?

What was The Weimar Republic and how was it governed?

Should the Weimar period be called a golden age?

How critical was 1923 for the Weimar republic?

To what extent was did Stresemann solve Weimar's Problems?

How did the Great Depression affect Germany?

What was Hitler's Watershed moment?

Did the Nazis only believe in making Germany Jew-free?

Why did the Nazi Party not gain power before 1933? (2 part)

How effectively did the Nazis control Germany?

How effectively did the Nazis deal with their opponents?

How important was the use of culture, propaganda, and mass media in controlling the people?

How did the persecution of undesirables develop during the Nazi rule? (2 part)

Did all young people support the Nazis?

Did the Nazis improve the lives of women?

Were most people better off under Nazi rule?

Why did Germany go to war in 1939?


Course content

  • Welcome to my class.

  • Did the Nazis only believe in making Germany Jew-free

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