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The NYSC/SDGs Advocacy Project (SAP) provide a means to ensure that all citizens become aware and can engage in and influence implementation and realization of the SDGs at community, local, national, regional and global levels. It will provide tools and opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in the domestication of the possibilities on and around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the instrumentality of ADVOCACY through the following five focus areas:

  1. Raise Awareness;
  2. Increase Engagement;
  3. Empower Stakeholders;
  4. Promote & Coordinate Advocacy; &
  5. Ensure good governance and complete domestication of the SDGs at all levels.


The goal of this online interaction platform is aimed at refreshing the skills of participants, together develop strategies and approaches on the concept of the SDGs that will be used for building the capacity of Volunteers as SDGs Advocates to enable the attainment of project objectives during the batch ‘B’ 2016 orientation in all 37 NYSC camps nationwide. 


  • Understand clearly the transition from MDGs to SDGs.
  • Build consensus and understanding among trainers on training  packages and contents to be simultaneously and uniformly used in all the 37 NYSC camps
  • Draw and apply lessons learnt in previous orientation activities of project implementation building on the strengths and reducing the weaknesses.
  • Develop strategies for sustained service delivery during the orientation seminar and training of at least 100Volunteers as SDGs Advocates in each of the 37camps
  • Appraise challenges and lessons learnt in previous trainings for mapping out strategies on next steps.

  • Test the technical and operational skills of trainers to ascertain competence and ensure appropriateness in posting to camp.

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