Nursing Theory-Based Assessment


Ahtisham Younas

Ahtisham Younas is a former Jr. Lecturer at Shifa College of Nursing, Islamabad,Pakistan. Currently, he is pursuing Masters of Nursing with focus on Nursing Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Ahtisham's research interests includes nursing philosophy, nursing theories and models,patient and family satisfaction from care, spiritual nursing care, and other areas of nursing education and nursing research methods.

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Adil Rafique
Nice course for refreashing the knowledge .
Adil Rafique
newly for me in Pakistan
Adil Rafique
newly for me this type of survey and evaluation
Adil Rafique
Nice refresher course for clinical settings for patient care needs assesment and learngs for students



This learning module focuses on integration of nursing theories for guiding clinical practice and intends to enable learners to perform nursing theory based assessment of patients. The learning module will present an exemplar of nursing assessment form developed based on the theoretical concepts of Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory.


The students should have a comprehensive understanding of Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care theory and its interconnected theories.


Upon completion of this self-learning module, the learners will be able to do the following:

  • Review the theoretical assumptions and components of Orem’s self-care Theory
  • Describe the process of developing a nursing assessment form using nursing theories
  • Analyze the nursing theory based assessment form and its usefulness for patient assessment
  • Perform at least one nursing theory based assessment in the clinical settings


  • Reflection: Use of Orem's Theory-Based Assessment in Practice

Recommended Readings

Hartweg, D.L., & Fleck, M.N. (2013). Dorothea Orem self-care deficit nursing theory. In M.C. Smith & M.E. Parker (Eds.). Nursing theories and nursing practice. (pp.121-145). Philadelphia, PA: FA Davis.


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Course content

  • Overview of Orem's Self-Care Theory

  • Orem Self-Care Theory Based Nursing Assessment

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