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Jeffrey Viernes

Registered Nurse

I am Jeffrey Viernes, 26 years old. A registered nurse practicing professional career at Palolo Chinese Home as a geriatric nurse for at least 2 years. I passed my NCLEX RN examination after intense review for a month. It takes a compassionate attitude to work with elderly people. I always believe in the saying, "If you don't have a dream you will never have a dream come true. Always dream big, but always remember to turn or look back to where you came from." Nursing profession is about caring, loving your career and your job as well as the people and the family you are caring.


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Purpose of NCLEX-RN®

The purpose of this examination is to protect the safety of the public. The examination is designed to determine whether candidates for licensure as registered nurses have the minimum level of knowledge needed to practice competently, knowledgeably, and safely at an entry level.

In preparing for the examination, key words from the stated purpose of the examination that you should think about are minimum level, safely, and entry level. These words can help focus your preparation and ease your mind. What they tell you is that the examination questions will test general principles and commonly encountered patient care situations. The focus will not be on testing obscure pieces of knowledge applicable only rarely in practice. Neither will the test focus on situations that demand a complexity of judgment, which can be expected only with time and experience. What can be expected to be stressed are nursing assessments and actions that protect patients from harm. This means that in preparing, you must give special attention to facts and procedures that promote physical safety, emotional safety, and protection from, or early identification of, disease complications or iatrogenic problems.

NCLEX Nursing Review

1. Medical Surgical Nursing

    a. Cardiovascular System, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology, Diseases

    b. Respiratory System

    c. Urinary System

    d. Integumentary System

    e. Reproductive System

    f. Neurology

    g. HEENT System

    h. Endocrine System

    i. Gastroenterology System

2. Maternal and Child Health Nursing Care

3. Psychiatric Nursing

4. Pharmacology Nursing

5. Health and Management

6. Gerontology Nursing

7. Pediatric Nursing

Course content

  • I. Cardiovascular System

  • Cardiovascular System Mnemonics Part 1

  • Cardiovascular Mnemonics Part 2

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

  • ECG

  • Intravenous Therapy Lecture

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