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This course is designed to fulfill the Oregon Department of Education Test Administration training for the 2015-2016 school year.  These modules must be completed yearly, and a test assurance form must be signed by the TA prior to staff being allowed to administer any part of the OAKS Online Testing System--Including OAKS Science, ELPA 21, and the Smarter Balanced Assessment in Reading or Math.

The primary objectives of these trainings are as follows:

  • Help TAs understand the roles and responsibilities of Test Administrators.
  • Understand how to use the Test Administration Manual (TAM) to understand requirements for a valid test administration.
  • Learn what's new in the OAKS Online system.
  • Learn where to find resources and tools
  • Understand how to appropriately administer accommodations and supports.

All Test Administrators (of any test) are required to complete the trainings on the Test Administrator Overview, Test Security, and Accessibility Supports.  At the end of these three modules you will complete the "General TA Training Quiz."  After you have completed that quiz, you must take the test specific trainings for ANY of the assessments you will be administering.  You will need to complete the video, and then take the test specific quiz located at the bottom of the module.  If you are not a TA for a specific test, then you are not required to complete the training module, or the quiz.

After you have completed both the general training, and the test specific training, please go to the task menu, and complete the final task for the course.  We have also provided a discussion board where you can post questions or concerns about the testing process.


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