NGO Management and Project Design Mamma Jays Cambodia


David Shires


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The aim of the program, is to facilitate/support ‘Mamma Jays aims to create a sustainable non-government organisation (NGO) in Cambodia”, and to facilitate Mamma Jays “plans to build a lower secondary school, medical centre and rescue centre” in the province of Ratanikiri.

The program will consist of three parts:

  • Building an NGO- Governance & management
  • Project design
  • Resource Mobilisation

Expected outcomes:(including learning outcomes)

  • Vision and Mission values statement
  • A draft Governance and operational framework for Mamma Jays.
  • A draft project proposal (schools project)
  • A draft resource Mobilisation Strategy
  • How to design a project proposal.
  • Explain the difference between governance and management
  • Be able to write Vision Mission Statements
  • Outline some of basic steps in establishing an NGO.
  • Prepare a Resource Mobilisation Strateg

The learning method/approach will be a mixture of blending /integrated, self direct learning combined with one face to face meeting/workshop, research tasks, workbooks, readings and 12 weekly presentations and discussions through a Online Course Platform, and Skype




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