Behind the Actions: Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

We Patrizia Feliciano, Joycee Camposano, and Joanna Abanes are students of IV – Science Class – A at San Miguel National High School. With the supervision of our Technical Writing II teacher Mrs. Marinella Garcia Sy, we come up with making virtual classroom entitled “Behind the Actions” wherein the Newton’s Laws of Motion are discussed and explained.


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    Behind the Acts is a virtual classroom which tends to widen your knowledge about the different laws of motion affecting our daily lives. This course is intended for everyone around the globe especially those students taking up this subject matter. It is made with the goal of bringing Physics education especially the Laws of Motion to come at hand to students around the globe and into the various learning aspects upon which the laws governing our daily motion has a relevance or will impact our life.

    The online course on Newton’s Laws of Motion includes learning the three laws and their application in our daily lives and most of how the scientists came up with this principle

    Upon enrolling to this course, you are required to complete tasks at the end of each lesson which will serve as an assessment of the knowledge acquired throughout the topic. Also participants are required to share their opinions and ideas in online forums and discussions made by the instructors. 

    With the foremost goal of educating our generation towards awareness of our daily motion and the laws governing it; as a response, the students are highly encouraged to SHARE WITH OTHERS ONLINE the learning and enlightenment this course will bring upon them. So be it.

Course content

  • Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 2: Law of Inertia

  • Lesson 3: Law of Acceleration

  • Lesson 4: Law of Action-Reaction

  • Lesson 5: Application of Newton’s Laws of Motion

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