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This course can be used as an alternative to the traditional new teacher induction programs.  It will allow school districts to personalize the induction program to better fit the needs of their teachers and district.  This program allows new teachers to come together four times throughout the school year to learn new skills and strategies to implement into their classrooms, as well as allowing them the time to ask questions and share information with each other. 

The goals of this program include: (1) To support the professional development, teaching expertise, and personal well-being of new educational professionals, (2) To provide  resources, support, and materials needed to help in the development of successful educators, and (3) To provide an alternative induction program to administrators that will better meet their needs and the needs of the school district.

The learning throughout this program will be immediately transferable to the classroom.  This program will expose new teachers to different teaching techniques, materials, programs, management strategies, lesson ideas, and so on, that they can try in their classrooms the following day.  Assessment of this course will come in the form of a weekly journal that will be due before the last session and through a Ticket Out the Door.

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