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来自英国伦敦,毕业于BPP法学院和牛津大学PEMBROKE学院,曾在知名国际律所SIMMONS & SIMMONS伦敦分所、香港分所工作数年,对金融投资、并购、证券市场交易、以及相关国际公法领域有丰富的执业经验,曾旅居英国,法国,美国,中国香港、泰国,越南,柬埔寨等多个国家和地区,热爱写作,已发表多部中短篇小说,第一本长篇小说正在酝酿出版,虽然是英国人但是热爱厨艺,做得一手好菜,证明了英国不只有fish & chips。2011年辞去高薪工作与Raymond一起创立MyDocumate,第一年即辅导数十位申请者获得斯坦福、MIT、哥伦比亚、康奈尔、牛津、剑桥、LSE、东京大学、HEC等世界顶级学府的offer,相信平台化的国际协作、定制化的资源整合将为更多申请者带来成功和机会。


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This course should take no more than 15 minutes to cover. A downloadable version will be available at the end.​

  • It summarizes some of the most important points in the reference guides on the Advisor Resources section of
    • We recommend you refer to these resources when undertaking your first tasks (and whenever you need them). You don't need to read them cover-to-cover; they're intended mainly as a reference.
    • Same with this training: There are lots of links throughout, but there's no need to follow them all. A downloadable reference copy is available on
  • The training will introduce you to our L1 and L2 editing services and how to do them successfully. For VIP tasks, instructions can currently be accessed on the Advisor Resources page.
  • It's important that you're clear on the basics of what we need early on - we’ve been doing this for over three years, so we’re familiar with the pitfalls of this type of work and the best ways to make our clients happy.
  • Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  • Please always feel free to email Andy with any issue -

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