emily höckert

Emily Höckert, PhD, Post-Doc in Tourism Studies


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                                                                                                                                                        Cultural Production and Landscape Studies

Course:  Nature, Environment and Tourism  (KUME0101)

Credits: 3 Ects

Language: English

Time: 24.10.-22.11.2016


Course description: The purpose of the course is to draw attention on relations between nature and tourism, on landscapes as tourism attraction and on different ways of experiencing nature and environment. Main concepts of the course are environmental sustainability and responsibility. In addition to conceptual framework, the course provides an introduction to past and present trends in nature-based tourism – both in Finland and internationally. The focus is trained on the wide range of environmental impacts caused and contributed by tourism development. The course encourages discussion about tourism and climate change, corporate environmental responsibility, environmental protection, and the issue of combining different nature-based incomes. After the course, student has gained good understanding about the possibilities and challenges related to nature-based tourism.

Course material assignments: All readings, instructions and discussions can be found from here, Eliademy. There are all together 5 course assignments: 1 assignment each week between weeks 43 and 47.

Responsible teacher: Emily Höckert

Course coordinator: Eeva Raike, TY/KTMT, Pori


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