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Hello: I am Jose Ramon Ramirez Sanchez. I'm Dominican and I live in the Dominican Republic. I am an instructor of English, Auditor ISO 9001: 2008, linguistic and educational Technologist. I have been working as an English teacher since 2003.In addition to teaching English, I have taught Science, Educational Technology, Electronic Commerce, ISO and English Phonetics in different technical and colleges, business school, private schools and NGOs. I have experience teaching E-learning classes. I am an essayist. I have written about a hundred of tests based on different themes. Currently, I work as an academic director for EDUCAJURIS( Escuela Dominicana de Capacitación Jurídica and Pen-Pal English Program). Further. I am the creator of English program called '' NATURAL ENGLISH TRAINING ''.

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With this course skillful to show personal habits and beliefs in accordance with the rules and principles of ideology, ethics and socialist morality in critical social analysis of the ideological manifestations, political and characteristics of the English-speaking countries and the globalized world you will current. Also, you can know and respect the existence of different customs and cultural traits both to original materials as in dealing with native English speakers foreigners or not promoting peace, solidarity, and peaceful coexistence among peoples and biodiversity and care environmental.  Finally, you can apply the knowledge and skills acquired to consolidate its political-ideological, scientific-technical, ethical and professional and cultural training in addition to the scientific world of natural, social, and human knowledge phenomena.


When you finish this course you must understand spoken English at moderate speed helped by your  prior knowledge, context, and visual information, and requiring frequent repetitions and clarifications where possible in situations where functions and forms studied manifest. Also,you must communicate orally in English using basic expressions and conversational resources within the communicative functions studied with sufficient correction, although frequent interruptions and employment not appropriate to the situation or partners forms may occur. You must also appropriate the most of the written information to which access English global, detailed or inferred as required with emerging strategies to compensate for lexical and grammatical constraints inherent to this level and within the communicative functions and forms studied and  you should be expressed in writing in English sufficiently coherent and intelligible form through a process of successive approximations to a limited extent still correction and gender as containing communicative functions studied. Finally, you must differentiate elementally approach a level of intelligible English phonemes that are little used in the Spanish language.





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