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Welcome to a New Day in Business Development with a New Model called Plan P Philanthropreneuring. We are designing this model so that You can develop a new "Giving While Making a Living" source of income.

We have all heard of Plan A and Plan B so now we leapfrog the classic definition of Business as Usual to reach Plan P Philanthropreneuring.

The intention is to train 100's of Socially Responsible Consultants, Coaches, and advisors in this new paradigm where the Cause for Your Life guides the direction of Your Work.

We DO Accept contributions(see text inside Ebook) to support Our FreEbooks4Good campaign for Women & Children's 1st Charities and Non Profits) ! ! We believe that YOU need to set the value of this information by taking any of these 3 Actions:

1. Share This Ebook with someone YOU respect or admire for their caring attitude and business acumen. We are eternally grateful for this effort.

2. Consider a contribution of any amount to further this work in alignment with the Value Added that has become part of YOUR work as a result of this information.

3. DARE to engage as a Philanthropreneur in my Personal Plan P Coaching sessions by contacting me @


We are developing a B4B(Business 4 Business) Services Guide for 2014 - 2024, where coaches and consultants will be offering entry level services as part of the Philanthropreneuring YoU courses. Each month we will train and release a group of 8 Philanthropreneurs in Training to focused communities of potential clients AND raise a substantial amount of Diverted income(usually 28% of gross revenue) to a charity or Non Profit of YOUR choice.

Basic courses are conducted online in a series of Six coaching and tutoring lessons, via online google Hangouts, and after those sessions YoU will be eligible to participate as a Plan P(Philanthropreneur) consultant or coach.

Working example for 2014 - 2024 is here

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