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Clovis Long



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Welcome to Mustache Power Productions.  If you've worked with us before, or if this is your first time, we hired you because we have confidence that you have the skills, the courage, and the willpower to get the job done.  In this overview, we will take a look at the final product, and look at some of the technology that helps us to create videos that are better than anyone else's.  


Here is an example of what we create at Mustache Power.



There are 4 main elements to each video.

1) Audio.  Recorded digitally from the house sound system.  By connecting directly to the system, we can eliminate room noise and distractions.

2) Screen capture.  This is the projected powerpoint or computer demonstration or videos.  Whatever goes on the projector.  Again, digitally recorded so it doesn't look like crap.  

3) Cameras.  This can be a single camera or a set to offer multiple angles.  

4) Backgrounds, logos, lower 3rds (titles), etc.  These will be programed into your computer, or added in in post production.


Compared to a standard conference recording, our method is so much better, it hurts!


The set-up to capture these 3 elements can be fairly complicated because Mustache Power does 90% of its editing on site, live.  This means that nobody has to sit in a dark basement for hours going over the footage.  Its cheaper and faster, except for the set-up.  Luckily, you don't have to do any set or strike.  BUT, we do want everyone to understand (generally) what is going on.  Here is a diagram of the general room set-up with a quick description and what each piece of equipment does.  The rest of this tutorial will follow the organization of this diagram.




A) Presenter/presenters computer 

B) Projector 

C) Soundboard/Audio Recorder

D) Switcher/VGA Capture 

E) Video Camera

F) Mixing Computer

G) Other Supplies

H) Streaming

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