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Music Technology – The Introduction 5.0 ect 
Hello and welcome to the Music Technology –course. 
This course has 8 different assignments and every student has to pass a minimum of six assignments. 
The Blog assignments are mandatory. 
Please, go to discussion board and introduce yourself by posting your own picture with tittle “'About me'” 
The 8 subject assignments are: 
1) Audio Recording 
2) Audio Mixing 
3) "How Music technology will support my own instrument studies”-Blog 
4) "These are the Music technology tools I find useful in teaching music"-Blog 
5) Live Sound Reinforcement 
6) Notation or Transcription 
7) Sampling 
8) Composing 
Every assignment has its own guidelines. 
Assignment can be returned in your own folder or by sending a link to me. 
This completion of the course will be 24/7/12. So you will be able to personalize scheduling.  
Scale is 1-5. 
And now lets get it done! 

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